CJ Bernstein

CJ Bernstein

Publisher’s Letter

This past year wasn’t my first brush with magiq, or so I’ve come to learn. Through the events that unfolded via the volumes of The Monarch Papers, I’ve learned more about myself than I could’ve ever imagined. I’d been in a kind of denial, even when my children found The Guide to MAGIQ in the park. Even after The Guide consumed my thoughts. Even after the current mountaineers came asking for it years later and my dreams became haunted by visions of an untold life I lived as a young man.

A life I thought was fantasy.

I was blocked by a denial that I’ve come to learn was magiq that I’d cast on myself as a young man, to save my own life. But The Monarch Papers, and the mountaineers, showed me the truth. Not just about the world. About me.

I had refused the Guide to MAGIQ’s call, refused to be involved in all this, though I couldn’t explain why. But now I know. This was my second quest to find the truth. And this time the mountaineers, after centuries of failure, have succeeded. It could be coincidence that I’m here now, just as The Book is finally opened, to help usher in this new age. An author, a publisher, a lover of magiq and literature… but perhaps my soul’s providence has led me here. Either way, I welcome the chance. As you may have guessed, Ackerly Green is more than a publishing house. More than a bookseller. Ackerly Green will turn Martin Rank’s account of The Monarch Papers into a new story for others to read and explore. Ackerly Green will, with the blessing we’ve recently received by The Council of The 18 Gates (a story for another time), we will publish The Book of Briars, so everyone can learn the truth that so many wanted hidden. Ackerly Green, and I in its heir’s absence, will do whatever we can to bring wonder to this world.

It’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly, and a burden I hope I can bear.

CJ Bernstein
Steward of Ackerly Green Publishing