The Guide to MAGIQ – Proof Unboxing

The Guide to MAGIQ – Proof Unboxing
December 6, 2017 CJ Bernstein
CJ Bernstein
In Further Tales

I recorded an intro before the actual unboxing but I realized afterward that I’d shown the shipping label with my home address very prominently for about a minute straight so I had to edit it a bit. I know taking on the management of the company means becoming a bit of a public figure but home visits is kind of a line crosser (except for all of you, of course.) Enjoy!

Notable Replies

  1. The “Wow” every other page is exactly what I was thinking :joy:
    I really appreciate the yellow paper. Feels much more… Idk. Cared for? Read? I don’t know what I’m trying to say but I like it.

  2. Skylad says:

    :drooling_face: Ohhhh Lordy!!! Can’t wait for mine :heart_eyes: gonna recruit sooooo many aussies

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