CJ Bernstein

CJ Bernstein

A Basecamp 33 Pin

I feel a pretty immense responsibility to Ackerly Green and you guys, so I’m trying to find ways to fund the company that also give something back to all of you, and continue to bring wonder to the world.
I’m also really into the pin concept after finding the Herman pins, so I’ve been working on two mockups for a Basecamp33 pin design. I know I wasn’t really a part of this iteration of Mountaineers in the strictest sense but I know how much the Mounties and this community mean to all of you (and frankly to the world since you kind of changed it and saved it, etc.) and I thought this might be a nice way to honor that?
So which do you prefer?
The classic logo:

Or the alternate “butterfly” version of the logo that used to appear on the Basecamp blog way back when the Book of Briars first showed up:

I was thinking I might throw it up on the Ackerly Green store as a pre-order, and when we’ve sold enough to cover the cost (15-20 pins should cover it) of manufacturing them (which I’m also figuring out) I’ll place the order?
So which do you prefer? If you’re interested, cast your vote on the forum:

Notable Replies

  1. I voted, but I like both of them, to be honest.

  2. i’m with Ashburn, both are good.

  3. Skylad says:

    I’ve already got the patch in the classic style so a pin that way would be awesome too :heart_eyes:

  4. Wow, I didn’t realize it would be so split! I guess I could always throw both up on the site for pre-order and push each through to manufacturing once they’re funded?

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