CJ Bernstein

CJ Bernstein

We’ve Done Something

I got an alert in the middle of the night from the camera I set up in the office that motion or sound had triggered it. I’m not sure what we did, but we did something.


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  1. Remus says:

    Here’s a transcript of what I could get from this:

    [22 seconds in]:
    “With a keen mind, and an unfailing belief in the power of magiq, you have discovered a new episode of Ackerly Green’s Tales of Wonder. Tonight’s story is one of lost and regained hope, of mystery and magiq. Somewhere on the northeastern coast lies a quiet fishing town, and in it, a lost and lonely farmer, searching for a treasure his son, Methan (not sure about this), buried beneath tell-tale circles of stone. Our collector visits that town and seeks to find the answer to a rather curious question: how is a little boy still leaving gifts for his father, 30 years after his own disappearance?”

    music kick in and lasts for most of the rest of the video as room slightly get brighter

  2. That definitely describes us! Good work, Secret Society!

    @Saberlane - was that collected remotely? Have you been back to the office? Is everything still in place where you’d left it?

  3. So there used to be an Ackerly Green radio show? Omg, I am so into this. :deirdreexcited:

    I wonder what’s next? We have to unlock more memories to get more of this episode? And, why this episode, specifically?

  4. I wasn’t in the office yesterday and came back to an office neighbor’s noise complaint tacked to the door. Nothing was different inside but this is what happened before Woolie showed up last time. Will keep you posted…

  5. Rimor says:

    Looks like Wollies been throwing another ghostly rave party :wink::joy:

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