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CJ Bernstein

The Secret Society – Moving Office

So, while I was gone, the company we’re renting office space from decided that they needed our current space for their own employees. The good news is we now have a slightly bigger office and a window. The bad news is basically everything else. I was freaking out that we were maybe going to somehow lose Woolie or this connection to the other AGP.

We finally moved into the new office and hadn’t heard anything for about a week and a half, until this morning. Catherine wasn’t in the office yet, but Woolie came back and he was fragmented, and fading, whereas before he had become more… corporeal before? Now he was back to the way he was when he first showed up. Whatever seems to be happening with the Instagram account and the sounds in the office also seems to be happening to Woolie. Like we’re losing our connection to him, or his connection to us. He was originally drawn to the office because he said there was some kind of light in it. Maybe that light’s disappearing. Like magiq?

He was talking but I could only hear about a quarter of it. He was telling me about his first steps into Neithernor. He said he was welcomed with open arms by these people who had taken these ancient ruins and turned them into beautiful homes for the six guilds that he’d come to learn about, almost like club houses. Rotting wood and crumbling stone had been covered with tapestries, cloths, and furniture, and there were tents set up all over the place. It was like these grown-ups were living some wonderful childlike adventure. He saw people going and coming through doors to our world, people learning magic, people sitting around campfires, telling stories, detailing adventures they had in this world. He met groups of people gathered under massive trees reading old books and parchments, working together to try and learn unknown languages and decipher strange codes. He said he finally felt like he was home. I’m not positive, and it may be because I’m biased, but I think he said he was an Ebenguard. How he describes Neithernor, and the new houses, the path of wool, all sounded extraordinary. I have no idea why I can’t knock in but maybe it’s just not my thing, yeah? Anyway, I’ve been pretty preoccupied.

After about ten minutes he disappeared mid-sentence and didn’t come back. I stayed until the early hours of the morning just in case, and just when I was about to leave, on the chalkboard, I found one phrase, written in what I assume is his handwriting…

“When the sun god finds one sister who stills hold aloft her fire”

That was it. It doesn’t seem like it’s a lot to go on. I mean, what the hell is happening? The Book of Briars has been inexplicably delayed, whatever connection we had to the other Ackerly Green and Woolie seems to be dissolving. Any ideas what we should do?

As for the AG package, no word yet from China but I’ve been following up regularly. I’ll let you know as soon as I know something.

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  1. Robert says:

    Go get 'em, CameronP!

    Looking at the big picture here a second, I’m starting to see a pattern. I’m reminded of Brandon Lachmann. Brandon figured out how to make magiq by creating intricate patterns of previously unrelated objects and ideas. Fill in the gaps with enough imagination and ideas, and things just start to work.

    In this specific case we are the unrelated objects. Woolie is taking ideas, memories, and places around us and linking them together into one story. One spell, if you will. Why these places? No idea. Maybe they’re wells, or on ley lines, or places Woolie had a really good ham sandwich at once. Why us? Well because we tend to listen and do crazy things when ghosts, voices from the past, or cultists of questionable character suggest them. I like to think of us as helpful.

    Two ideas come to mind when trying to do something like this. First, use all the resources at your disposal, especially if you’re doing something big. Second, don’t overtax any part of the system by reusing them too much. So to make a long story short (too late), I’d suggest we come up with a list of all members in the Secret Society, and cross the names off of anyone who has found one of Woolie’s memories.

    If Woolie is being efficient in his story telling / magiq weaving, it might come in handy and help us quickly narrow down any remaining memories.

  2. Okay, asterisks for those who have found memories so far. It does look like there are no repeats yet. (Aside from Saberlane and Catherine :cjtea: )

    Augo *
    Crytter* - via Etrus
    Echomoon *

  3. Etrus says:

    Look. I… really shouldn’t be posting here. Or lurking here at all. But here I am, so…

    When the lebewesen lights upon a never-ending flame

    You guys were right to think of Germany. Not quite the right place though. The Brennender Berg, it’s a mountain that’s been burning since the 1600s. Also, not too terribly far from some… work I’ve been conducting in the area. It seemed to fit so I downloaded your app and…

    I really shouldn’t have done that.

    Well… What’s done is done. As expected, the message arrived quickly. And rummaging where dragons flee, you come upon a name.

    Anyways, I’m afraid that’s all I can do for now. But good luck. And know there are still many eyes watching how this turns out. :endriwink:

  4. Alright: here’s a rundown of the events this morning.

    Woke up and noticed Herman was comfortably on my hat that had somehow shown up on my desk. I don’t remember putting it there. I was encouraged.

    Had breakfast, covered myself in sweaters and ran out. I entered the Seaport through my super secret employee access entrance that I have the run of due to my study abroad program. Gotta love staff privileges!

    First I went to visit the current location of the Draken. Nothing.

    I figured the clue was ‘where dragons flee’ so I went to the normal berth of the Draken
    Visited the Amistad who had kicked out the Draken from her normal berth.

    I wandered around there for a bit and noticed my phone wasn’t registering location which might have been confusing Herman. I fixed that problem. Still nothing.

    Said hi to the Charles W. Morgan. Still gorgeous

    Something told me to check on the Draken again because my location was being weird on my phone the first time. I rounded shipyard point and went back. Nothing.

    Some possible explanations:

    1. This is not the right location.

    2. Herman is still a bit behind because I was in Louisiana this last week. Human beings are not mentally built to live at the speeds of modern transportation so Herman might be experiencing a bit of jet lag as well.

    3. The clue said to look for a name. The full name of the Draken is Draken
      Harald Hårfagre
      . Maybe something to do with the full name? Harald Hårfagre was the king who unified Norway but I’m coming up blank on ways this could apply.

    I’m in Mystic, CT if anyone wants to look into any of this. I didn’t go into the shipyard itself but I have work there tomorrow and I’ll make sure to bring my phone. As for now, I’m going to finish my history hw and try to figure out my next course of action. I might go back later today or tomorrow. Maybe I’ll put Herman in an oyster shell next to a jar of nutmeg so he realizes he’s back in CT. :endriwink:

  5. Awesome exploring, @Ravenwing!

    I spent some more time combing the Secret Society membership list, and Googling people’s screen names (in a very non-creepy way, mind you), and I found something that should have struck me right away!

    @Rimor, any dragons nearby?

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