CJ Bernstein

CJ Bernstein

The Secret Society – Down to City Hall Station

I want to get it out of the way and say that nothing out of the ordinary happened while I was in City Hall Station. That’s not to say that I couldn’t feel something down there. Whether it was residual memory, or just residual cold from the snow the night before, there was something down there. If a “well” felt like something, well, I know what it feels like now.

The word “haunted” has a negative connotation, but that’s how it felt down there. Not in a horror movie way, more like a lot has passed below those arches over the centuries, and some things never left.

No, nothing out of the ordinary happened while I was in City Hall Station that would help us further along the events taking place with what we’ve come to call the Secret Society.

It all happened after I left.

The strange sounds in the videos I took, the notification I received nearly 24 hours later on my phone, (one word, “betrayer”) and the picture at the end of this video… the one I found in my camera roll last night.

The one I didn’t take.

Yeah. So something was definitely down there. But I don’t know what, and honestly, I don’t know if it has anything to do with us.

I dreamed about visiting that place for so long. It certainly didn’t disappoint, but we’ve also seen and experienced a lot of wondrous things together over the past few years. Why I still feel so drawn to that place, now almost three days later, I don’t know. Maybe I always will. That photo, the one I didn’t take, it’s a prized possession now. That’s Saberlane there, the one I lost to the storm, still looking up.

Looking for wonder.

No word yet from Woolie, but we’re waiting. I’m worried though. He may be gone already. We’ll keep you all posted.