Minecraft is LIVE!

Big news! The Ackerly Green Minecraft server is officially live as of TODAY! 

After letting our leaders play-test it over the past couple of weeks so we could work out all the kinks, we are so excited to officially open it up to all Trust Level 3 members of our community!

In our previous blog post, we explained that limiting the server to those with Trust Level 3 status will ensure that all players carry the communal, cooperative, and kind vibe of the forum over to the Minecraft server, and treat it with as much as respect as you would our narratives here.

That said, we know how difficult it is to reach and maintain Trust Level 3 status, so we’ve lowered some of the requirements so that more people can gain access and play together more quickly. We do this leveling so that those of you who are interested enough in this community to strive for that goal are doing so with the intention of contributing to the community in a fun and meaningful way on Minecraft and Discord just as much as you do here on the forum.

Now for the fun stuff: the server is set in Neithernor, and includes a guild house for each of the six guilds and an all-guild hall for you to discover, explore, and help rebuild. From there, it’s totally up to you where you go and what you do! To start off, you’ll be given a kit with basic supplies to get you started, and clues at the all-guild hall will help you on your journey to your individual guild halls!

As with any other server, we also have a set of rules which you can find in the Minecraft channel category on Discord, which are similar in effect to the ones we abide by here on the forum: be respectful of other people and their creations, play nicely, and have fun. 

We hope that this provides you with as much of a fun escape as it has for us, and we’re so excited to see you all and see what you create in Neithernor!