Catherine Thoms

Catherine Thoms

The Day of Change: 2020

September is a big month for the Briarverse.

Along with some bigger narrative developments and upcoming releases—more on all that to come soon—September also boasts the Autumnal Equinox, an especially auspicious day for the Briarverse, as it coincides with the Day of Change. 

For those of you who might be newer/looking for a refresher, you can find a quick history of the DoC here in the Wiki, but beware, there are spoilers if you’re not finished reading The Monarch Papers. 

Since 2017, however, the Day of Change has become a symbol of celebration for the community that has formed here. In the past, it’s been celebrated by inventing guild-specific traditions and reimagining the design of our Neithernorian guild homes as an expression of the way our community has evolved throughout the year. It’s also become a tradition for guild leaders to host discussions around the day and its individual significance within each guild, but the festivities are by no means limited to your own guild.

This year, as always, the Day of Change will be a full, community-wide celebration. 

What will that entail?

First, we’re working with the guild leaders to create an all-guild Bingo board, full of guild-specific qualities and activities that you can achieve or check off from the comfort of your own home. The goal will be to complete everything pertaining to your guild, with some bonuses for the extent of completion on the rest of the board.

As a reward, we’re bringing back extra-special brand new forum badges, which you can earn by hitting certain milestones throughout the year, starting with the Day of Change! There will even be one very special prize that one lucky participant will win, which comes from the Ackerly Green office. 

To round out the day, we’ll be finishing with a Community Hangout/Day of Change party via Zoom at 7 PM ET (note the time change), to be followed by the AG+ Game Night/Afterparty at 7:30 PM. 

The Zoom link to participate in the Community Hangout is here.

And the GCal event for you to add the Hangout to your calendars is here.

We’re so excited to celebrate this special day with you all!