Catherine Thoms

Catherine Thoms

Day Of Change 2020: Guild Bingo

The countdown begins! We’re officially one week away from the Day of Change, 2020!

The Day of Change is an important narrative event in the Briarverse, which originated from The Monarch Papers. You can read about that in the Wiki here, but beware spoilers. 

Since 2017, the Day of Change has become a community-focused event centered on each of the guilds, their self-definitions, and any annual re-definitions we choose to make as a community. It’s a time to express yourself and what your guild means to you, bond with your guildmates, and generally celebrate the presence of magic in all of our lives. 

This year, we’ve got a very special #GuildPride initiative to get everyone excited and thinking about all of the ways you can channel your guild in your everyday life! We’re calling it Guild Bingo, but it’s less a traditional Bingo board and more an opportunity to collectively reflect on and celebrate our guilds and what they mean to us.

(CJ Note: Catherine is being exceptionally kind about it being a less traditional bingo game because originally it was going to be MUCH more bingo-like with incredible ideas for challenges by the community leaders, but at the last moment I made the executive decision to really simplify it because I know everyone has a lot going on right now and I wanted to make sure the DoC was as easy and festive as possible.)

The squares/objectives on the “bingo board” are the same for each guild, and are as followed:

1. Guild Gear

Put together your most guild-inspired outfit and either wear it, lay it out, draw it, or find some other way to show it off!

2. Lists

Put together your ultimate guild entertainment list, be it a list of guild-inspired books, songs, shows/movies, or anything else you can think of. Make sure you share it either here, or on a platform like Spotify, Bookshop, Goodreads, or Letterboxd where everyone else can enjoy!

3. Places

Show or describe a location that you think gives the ultimate guild-vibe. Is it a favorite local hideaway, a place you visited once on a trip, or a place you’ve only ever seen photos of but just know it screams your guild? Show us your favorite places! 

4. Magimystic Memory

Do you have a particular memory that, looking back, seems especially representative of your guild? Whether it was before or after your introduction to the Briarverse, tell us about an awesome Weatherwatch adventure or the night you pulled a total Thornmouth by cramming 300 pages into 6 hours. 

5. Elementals

Find an object in your home that best represents your guild’s magimystic element, and tell us its story! Have you used it before in casting a spell? Did it find you in a noteworthy way? Or have you always just felt a vaguely magical attachment to it, without necessarily knowing why?

6. Mood Board

(Because we love a good project!) Create a physical or virtual mood board of things you associate with your guild and/or things you’d like to see included in its general perception. We want to see what your guild feels like to you, because we have a feeling that it’s a little different for everyone and that’s awesome.

You can post your completed challenges right here in this thread, where we’ll be able to keep track of all of the entries. There aren’t really any rules or any specific order you have to follow to complete these, but upon completion, you will receive a limited edition Day of Change 2020 forum badge! If you’re feeling fancy, you’re also welcome to dabble in the challenges for other guilds as well, but you’ll only receive the badge for fully completing each challenge for one guild. You can do one a day, or cram it all into next Wednesday, but as long as it’s finished by the end of the Day of Change, it counts! Everyone who receives the badge will also be entered into a special giveaway as well.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Ready, set, go!