Catherine Thoms

Catherine Thoms

Briarverse Recap 7: The October Chronicle

We’re switching up the way we do our narrative recaps starting this month, and moving forward, we will start to include recent highlights from The Briar Society as well as from Basecamps 33 and 34. The full threads and documents mentioned will still be exclusive to The Briar Society members, but the rest of the community will be able to read a brief summary.

Basecamps 33 & 34

While the Mountaineers of Basecamp 33 were celebrating the Day of Change by creating new guild traditions and playing Guild Bingo, Eaves and Basecamp 34 enjoyed the fruits of their labors at Lion’s Heart with a large feast from their garden. They are all looking forward to spending the winter learning more about the castle and finding their place within the Book of Briars.

Eaves also mentioned that there had been no word yet from Alison, who is still with her mom and due to give birth “at any moment.”

The Briar Society

Since March of 2020, members of an organization called The Briar Society have been receiving select documents and communications from an online interface called “The W.E.L.L.” Built by Aether, Endri, and Bash, the W.E.L.L. was intended to pull all manner of lost information from around the world to a central location so they could learn more about the new age and the mysterious Briar Society, an organization born in the Book of the Wild to protect and learn about all things magimystic.

Foremost among these documents was a collection of found ephemera from a 19th-century branch of The Briar Society, called The Hortimystic Fellowship. The documents—letters, journal entries, and memoranda—pointed the Briars to a section of the W.E.L.L.’s interface called “Mystifications,” where the W.E.L.L. would manifest visual puzzles in an effort to untangle or reconnect new pieces of information it had discovered.

Gradually, they began assembling the pieces and discovered that a flower named “Pegasus Mane” would be necessary to their society’s mission to answer the unseen “Query” that appears to be continually running on the W.E.L.L.’s home page.

Meanwhile, the W.E.L.L. was also pulling from more recent source material—specifically, “Secret Stories,” posts from Endri’s perspective but not written by Endri. The W.E.L.L. could access the inner thoughts of those who designed it. 

These stories recounted Endri, Bash, and Aether’s departure from Monarch’s Manor and arrival in Deirdre’s brownstone. The trio attempted to recreate their own branch of The Briar Society with the information they had taken from the Manor. Strangely, their forum posts could be seen by the Basecamp Briars, but not vice versa. Endri, Bash, and Aether believed themselves alone.
When the W.E.L.L. began expanding its reach and posting Secret Stories from SpiritSeer under her IRL name, the Briars were able to reach out and establish a connection that would hopefully link those on the other side of the Determiner-12 spell (Spirit and the Brownstone Trio) to each other. Through this connection, they also discovered that Spirit was currently stationed nearby Mt. Hood—the location of the Hortimystic Fellowship’s Oregon Campsite—and in possession of a seed that was likely Pegasus Mane.

SpiritSeer was able to make contact with Endri and Aether, alerting them to the Basecamp Briars’ presence on their forum. Then, on the eve of the Day of Change, Spirit ventured to Mount St. Helens to plant the Pegasus Mane seed.
The next day, she was finally able to see the forum again and communicate directly with the other Briars.

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