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NNRPG: Gossmere Reveal

Check out yesterday’s Weatherwatch reveal for context about how and why we structured guild skills and archetypes the way we have.

Next up is Gossmere!

Gossmere was a fun and interesting challenge: How do you give largely caring, nurturing, and empathetic people bite in potential combat situations and complex options for character design without making them all healers?

The key was breaking down the key headline qualities about Gossmere; humanity, healing, and emotional connection, and using those to create what I think are three fun and unique classes.

Gossmere: The Caretakers

Guild Skills: Connections, Craft, Empathy, Lore, Rapport, Sleight
Guild Skill Focus: Connections

Auromorne – The Alchemical Cleric:

Bearing Skills: Craft/Rapport

The sunbound Auromore is a master of alchemical creation and Gossmere’s Magic class. Able to deftly craft and utilize tinctures, potions, totems, and all manner of concoctions that embolden, strengthen, enlighten, and heal. Using the augmented skills of Craft and Rapport, they anticipate and understand what is needed by others, instinctively conjuring the solution for every problem with whatever materials are on hand. Whether it’s empowering their coven, quelling a foe’s abilities, healing the wounded, augmenting the skills of themselves or others for the benefit of all, or simply distilling a well-deserved spirit at the end of a long day, the outgoing Auromorne is keenly aware of what is needed most in any situation and exactly how to bring it into being.

Diaphane – The Aether-Bound Telemantic:

Bearing Skills: Sleight/Empathy

As Gossmere’s Mystic class, the moon-bearing Diaphane able to sense, bend, and rework the emotional states of others by communing with the element of Aether. Whether comforting the wounded, sensing deceit, charming aggressors, or bending the very wills of their enemies, the Diaphane has a unique and powerful connection to their guild’s sovereign element which allows them to be both a comforting and empathetic ally and an intimidating and formidable opponent. Fear, bravery, willpower, weakness; every errant instinct or fleeting feeling is both a helpful tool and a devastating weapon in the Diaphane’s aetheric arsenal, powered by the augmented skills of Sleight and Empathy.

Eraverane – The Storytelling Guardian:

Guild Skills: Connections/Lore

The eclipse-bearing Eraverane is Gossmere’s Melee class, a unique blend of classic RPG archetypes Bard and Paladin, they are the guardians and protectors of their coven. Using augmented skills Connections and Lore, they are able to retell and utilize well-worn stories and legends they’ve gathered on their journeys, keeping the spirit of these tales alive by galvanizing their allies in crucial moments, or by conjuring the living essence of ancient legends; imbuing themselves with a crucial skill, the perfect martial maneuver, the armor of the undefeated, or the thunderous might of a thousand legendary champions. Through their retelling, these stories and the heroes within them, live on.

What do you think? Have ideas for how to improve the bearings or what potential Affinities they might have access to? Let me know below!

Tomorrow, the Creator bearings of Flinterforge!


  1. This knocks it out of the park. Even though I’m personally an Eraverane-bearing Gossmere, I think the Diaphane looks like a ton of fun to play!

  2. @CJB, where do you see Shapeshifting Arts among these bearings? I could see it as an expression of the Eraverane’s storytelling, and physically becoming the narrative, but what about the other two?

    1. As of now, I think you’ll have the option to take at least one of the base guild Affinities as an Ability, and though it might not directly connect to your bearing (unless you role-play the how and why of it) you will be able to use them like you would a Spell.

      Off the top of my head, I might role-play an Auromorne having shapeshifting tonics and a Diaphane could perhaps shift into the semblance of other “lower” creatures when accessing their emotional state?

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