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NNRPG: Ebenguard Reveal

If you haven’t already, check out the Weatherwatch, Gossmere, and Flinterforge reveals to share your thoughts and read about how and why we structured guild skills and archetypes the way we have.

Next up, my own guild, Ebenguard!

Ebenguard was less of a challenge for me, simply because I have some pretty strong, defined ideas about Ebenguard’s place in the chronocompass pantheon (which in and of itself is SO Ebenguard.)

Yes, they’re “fighters”, yes they’re champions for those who can’t advocate for themselves, but I didn’t want the NNRPG versions of their bearings to just be militaristic, self-righteous, and bland (all things that Ebenguard can seem from the outside,) so I focused a lot on Ebenguard’s connection with inspiring others, honing their minds and bodies, and most of all, their connection to the sea.

Again, let me know what you think!

Ebenguard: The Champions

Fight, Athletics, Evoke, Influence, Notice, Physique
Guild Skill: Fight

Shoalwarden – The Arbiter of Balance:

Bearing Skills: Fight/Evoke

The Shoalwarden is Ebenguard’s sun-kissed Melee class. A formidable fighter, defender of the weak, and inspiring paragon of good, the Shoalwarden is a champion through and through. They are unparalleled in combat and unwavering in their protection of others. They are also unmatched in their stirring way with words. Their tongue is as sharp as honed steel when cutting foes to the quick, and bright as the sun when inspiring weary allies to hold the line a little longer. They often favor a single weapon and use it throughout their lifetime, honing it to balanced perfection and imbuing it with all manner of magimystic abilities. But their magimystic silverscale armor is an innate Affinity that protects them in the most heated of battles and can also be extended to others in need because balance requires both strength and weakness, but the Shoalwarden is always ready to right tipped scales with might.

Nautilore – The Maritime Mystic:

Bearing Skills: Athletics/Lore 

The Nautilore is Ebenguard’s moon-bearing Mystic class. Prizing agility and dexterity over brute force, they can move like an unseen current or crash like a wave when necessary, but they also possess the unique ability to bond with the tide itself. No Nautilore is ever without a phylactery of seawater they use as a focus, both to hone their mind, and to connect with the eternal memory that water holds. This bond not only grants them access to untold depths of history and lore, but the water they carry can also become any simple weapon that has ever touched the tide: a crashing cudgel, a jet stream spear, the stinging spray of a whip. With augmented skills Athletics and Lore, the water bears all that it remembers and the brinebearing Nautilore requires.

Marentide – The Scrying Sage:

Bearing Skills: Influence/Notice

The eclipse-bearing Marentide is Ebenguard’s Magic class. Marentides are uniquely able to scry the minds of those around them, allowing them to see choices others will make and actions they’ll take before they ever come to pass. They navigate the shores of time, observing the ebb and flow of the waves washing over the sand, knowing where the water came from, and where it will someday go. Using these flickers of foreknowledge, Marentides can anticipate events, prepare themselves and allies for impending sentient dangers, and deftly dodge or counter-attacks, both martial and magimystic. Using the augmented skills of Influence and Notice, Marentides can alter what will come to pass by seeing and affecting what has yet to happen. Caught in the tides of time, they straddle two worlds, both now and next, always poised to snatch the future from the jaws of calamity.

Thoughts? Questions? Ideas? Reply below!

Tomorrow, the Scholars of Thornmouth!