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Receive free copies of future e-book releases and gain access to Ackerly Green's e-book library, where you can read our complete back catalog.

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Join the community and AGP staff in a monthly game night, exclusive to AG+, where we'll play virtual board, card, and party games.

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Ackerly Green Testimonials

“Unlike a traditional, publisher or bookshop, Ackerly Green Publishing lets you live the story alongside characters and other readers in its open, creative, and fun community.”
“CJ has developed not only an interactive universe full of wonder and a diverse cast of characters but also a kind and supportive community that has brought out our best selves.”​
"Readers of Ackerly Green are the living, breathing essence of the books; and author/founder CJ Bernstein has opened up a whole world of possibility with his interactive, literary narrative experiences that go deep into the heartland of world building with multimedia, multi-sensory adventures."
“CJ Bernstein and Ackerly Green are trailblazing a new kind of storytelling​, one dedicated to evoking wonder from its readers above all else. In this masterfully crafted world, revolving around this deliciously real company, we are transported into Bernstein’s words as we live out the adventures alongside the characters in real time.”


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