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  • Character: Cass Fairlington

    Posted by Viviane on February 27, 2021 at 5:51 am

    Character Sheet

    Name: Cassidy “Cass” Fairlington

    Guild: Gossmere

    Bearing: Auromorne

    Description: Early thirties, 5’5″, pale skin, brown eyes, short brightly-colored hair, watercolor hummingbird tattoo on her left arm

    High Concept: Your Friendly Neighborhood Bartender

    Trouble: Coerced Henchwoman of the Noted Criminal Gang

    Backstory: Cass grew up in Stony Harbor and stuck around, finding much fulfillment in crafting drinks and lending a friendly ear to locals and visitors alike who need one. Though she leads an uncomplicated life on the surface, Cass has been reluctantly entangled with the same magic-connected criminal gang that Alexander’s brother is involved with for many years. She has tried extricate herself from their schemes with limited success, and while she knows enough to threaten them with mutually assured destruction, she often finds herself having to cooperate with their dealings or look the other way when she would prefer to do otherwise.


    Cass and Alex bonded over music in high school, but have fallen out of touch in the 15-20 years since.

    Cass probably knows a fair bit about anyone who is a regular at the bar.

    Bond #1: Spirits Is My Home

    Cass has worked at the local bar, Spirits, since she was 18, and its owner and patrons are dearer to her than any house. When Cass first turned down a position in their coven and tried to inform on the local gang, it was a threat against the bar’s owner that kept her quiet. She goes along with their schemes and suppresses her own affinity for magic as a result.

    Aspect #2:

    Aspect #3:


    Great (+4): Rapport

    Good (+3): Craft, Empathy

    Fair (+2): Notice, Sleight, Will

    Average (+1): Lore?, Endurance, Influence, Wit

    Stress Tracks

    Physical: 5

    Mental: 5

    Magimystic: 5

    Mortal Abilities:

    Psychologist [Empathy]: Once per session, you can reduce someone else’s consequence by one level of severity by succeeding on an Empathy roll. You must talk with the person for at least half an hour in order for them to receive the benefits, and you can’t use it on yourself.

    Popular [Rapport]: In an area where you’re popular and well-liked, use Rapport in place of Contacts

    Strength From Determination [Will]: Use Will instead of Might on any overcome rolls representing feats of strength.


    Magimystic Abilities:

    Shen’s Superfluous Senses: Material

    Your mundane sense are temporarily heightened. Add +1 to a Notice or Investigate roll. This can be used once per scene.

    Hugleikr’s Hidden Retreat: Material

    You stitch together an illusion that repeats the color and texture of any natural or constructed surface across an opening. As it only repeats the texture it stands up to casual observation but not close scrutiny. It block vision as well as any light that would pass through the opening. As it is a simple repeating pattern of something that already exists, it lasts until dismissed.

    Preflex: Wrought

    Allows the user to physically react to an attack before it happens. +1 to your defend roll.

    Guild Affinities:

    L1 Laudstrom’s Winking Wretch: Wrought

    A concoction that adds -1 to a single skill across all non-coven beasts or creatures within one zone. Lasts for one scene.

    L3 Ounce of Prevention: Material

    A concoction that prevents a character from having to roll for Spell Sickness on their next turn. Can be used once per scene.

    L7 Slickenside: Material

    This concoction loosens tongues by briefly lowering mental defenses, encouraging another character to open up about themselves, share their knowledge, or disclose information they might not normally share. Can be used once per session.

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  • darkmimic

    March 2, 2021 at 7:23 pm

    Does Cass’ boss (bar owner?) know about the shady dealings going on in the bar? Magimystic or otherwise? If so, does Cass feel any additional pressure from their boss to look the other way because the boss doesn’t want trouble or because they are involved in that trouble?

    And don’t feel you have to answer these questions if you don’t want. I’m just collecting kernels to help build the story from my end and want to know just in case I have an idea. I don’t want it to interfere with what you have in mind for your character.

    • Viviane

      March 2, 2021 at 8:02 pm

      Ooo, good thought. I feel like Cass’s boss (the bar owner, yes) is at least aware of the shady stuff in the vaguest possible “I don’t want trouble so I don’t ask questions” kind of way, although maybe isn’t really clued into the magimystic bits at all. And the danger to her boss and the bar is one of the things that keeps Cass quiet, because the whole bar (owner, building, regulars) is sort of her whole family and livelihood.