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  • Character: Thea Moran

    Posted by Tinker on February 27, 2021 at 3:32 am

    Character: Thea Moran

    Guild: Flinterforge

    Bearing: Phantorist

    High Concept: Fueled By Creativity… (is a deeply creative person looking to express and channel that)

    Trouble: …And If Not Given An Outlet Will Create One Herself (balancing not-creative-enough day job with strong imaginative/creative tendencies)

    Look At That Child In A Suit! (aka Not Taken Seriously Outside the Workroom)

    Additional Backstory Info: Thea is an engineering consultant (maybe at a firm specializing in civil projects?) who got into the field through her desire for a hands-on career that would let her use her creativity. She is also very drawn to creative hobbies, dabbling in different materials and media to realize her ideas. She often finds that, which she enjoys her job, it isn’t quite what she imagined and she finds herself daydreaming of/longing to get to work on something that better utilizes her imagination. Partly because of this, she often feels like she’s not taken seriously at work on a professional level…but she does wield some level of respect with other hands-on types (local suppliers for various specialty hobby supplies and fellow creative-types)


    Primary Bond: Cass – Third Space

    In an effort to keep her creativity going, Thea likes to visit different spots (other than work and home) to puzzle out brainstorming and planning. One of these places is the bar that Cass works out. Thea regularly comes to the bar with notebooks and diagrams and finds the quietest booth to do some work. (Maybe Cass notices something not-quite-mundane about some of Thea’s work?)

    Secondary Bond:

    Tertiary Bond:

    Primary Bond Aspect: Regular – Thea is pretty in tune with the mood/vibes of individuals and groups (or places?) she’s familiar with. She would be more perceptive to an unusual mood

    Secondary Bond Aspect:

    Tertiary Bond Aspect:


    Great (+4): Craft

    Good (+3): Academics, Wit

    Fair (+2): Athletics, Connections, Will

    Average (+1): Empathy, Fight, Investigate (GS), Influence

    Unranked: Evoke, Lore, Might (GS), Notice, Rapport, Sleight, Stealth, Survival

    Mortal Abilities:

    • Always Making Useful Things – Does not need to use a fate point to have the appropriate tools for a job (from the handbook)

    • Speaks the Language – Creates a +2 advantage on academics checks to interpret construction information (ie plans/schematics, or making inferences based on parts/components present) (inspired by the Linguist skill in the handbook)

    Magimystic Abilities

    • No Name Given: The caster is able to touch an object and learn its general origin,components, or purpose. This can be used once per scene.

    • Steps of Icarus (M): The ability to make rigid, semi-transparent platforms up to 3 sqft. Each platform holds one Fate Point

    • Complexis (W) (lvl 1 affinity): Manifest any complex object or device no larger than your hand. It lasts for ten seconds.

    • Fetching Figment (M) (lvl 3 affinity) (once per session): Issue a basic command and conjure a construct to perform the non-harmful task before vanishing.

    • Furious Figment (W) (lvl 3 affinity): Conjure a simple arcane ranged or melee weapon for one turn. It behaves identically to its closest non-construct counterpart in addition to dealing a Magimystic Stress shift to any target to which it deals damage.

    • Ever Passage (M) (lvl 7 affinity): Create a passage between any two places you have physically visited. The passage portal travels through a simulated reality of your choice and lasts until you end the casting or a new construct is summoned. All who traverse the passage must roll for Spell Sickness

    Fate Points:

    Compel 1 – Feels like she isn’t enough of an authority after Seren doesn’t seem to react to her message in the ballroom re: wearing the masks

    Stress Tracks

    Physical :blue_square: :blue_square: :blue_square: :blue_square: :blue_square:

    Mental: :blue_square: :blue_square: :blue_square: :blue_square: :blue_square:

    Magimystical: :blue_square: :blue_square: :blue_square: :blue_square:

    Refresh: 7

    From a purely narrative perspective, I feel like Thea’s top strengths all come from established details above (creative person, in a science field that requires researching skills)…coming down to “Fair” I wanted to get athletics in there either working into her backstory some sort of college sport that’s she was decent at but maybe hasn’t kept up as much as she’s like…or maybe it just sort of comes in through the fact that she’s very hands-on with projects and machining and has developed coordination and the ability to lob around heavy materials and equipment. And then most of the interpersonal skills I was leaving more mediocre in that “not taken too seriously outside the lab” but also she’d be able to demonstrate a level of expertise that would be trustworthy. If something in there doesn’t make a ton of sense though, I would love input!

    darkmimic replied 1 year, 5 months ago 3 Members · 2 Replies
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  • Skylad

    February 27, 2021 at 5:58 am

    Overuses creativity to overcome mundane life

    (Edit: this is probably how the game “mousetrap” was born)

  • darkmimic

    March 2, 2021 at 11:16 pm

    I really like the idea of your character’s need to create as a High Concept. And I especially like the idea of being torn between several different creative avenues. You HAVE to create things for work (which you don’t particularly enjoy), but you would much rather be creating your own things, working on your own projects.

    You might even be able to split that up if you wanted. Your High Concept is about how you’re driven to always be creating, always be building, always be making. And then having to spend most of your creative energies for work rather than yourself could be an Aspect. You might even find a way to use that as a bond with one of the other characters. Maybe you were commissioned by the mayor or a business leader in town.

    All of this is just food for thought, so toss it all if it isn’t speaking to you.