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  • Mountaineer Recap: The Week of April 9th

    Posted by Eaves on April 14, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    Originally published at: Mountaineer Recap: The Week of April 9th | Basecamp 33

    So we did magiq again. NBD, just casting spells and stuff.

    First though, Mounties helped Deirdre solve a clue from Sullivan’s journal that has her finally leaving Istanbul and heading to Cape Town.

    Now, onto magiq…

    • Last week Mounties were still trying to figure out what the clues in the glitched video meant.
    • Mike speculated that the tweaked “T” in stumbled might mean we were looking for something on Tumblr.
    • And Kelsey found both a “thereareconstants” and “thereareconstance” domain on Tumblr. One was password-protected, the other empty.

    A few Mounties tried to crack the locked one and others messaged the blank one. And then we waited. And waited. And then we finally heard back from “Constance” who wondered who the heck we were. We still weren’t sure we’d found the right place, until after a bit of back and forth, Constance told us she wasn’t going to talk to us until we “secured our site“…


    • A day later Constance wrote back. She’d requested a spell called The Joradian Safeguard from a library in “The Low” (which is basically the magic underground) and a couple days later she finally got a hold of it.
    • Mounties immediately set out to cast the spell as fast as they could. It required creating “keeping vessels”, gathering the six elements, making elemental pledges, and putting an old norse protection wheel on the forum….
    • They had to perform it in front of each other AND in front of witnesses.
    • Then…
    • We had to wait a day for the spell to “learn” which direction to reflect negative energy.

    With the spell finally working Constance joined the forum and filled us in on everything she knew about magiq, The Low, and most importantly, her best friend Aether. (You really have to read her posts to get the full details.)

    She wasn’t sure why Aether wanted us to find her, until she tracked down the password to his Tumblr account and there was one post there…


    Looks like he brain-hacked the Basecamp Youtube channel and come Tuesday, we’re having a hangout with Aether himself.

    Mark your calendars.

    Featured Mountaineer(s) Of The Week:

    A special Mounty cheer (do we have one of those?) to Ricardo, Hannah, Leigha, Oracle, Revenir and Furia for risking their lives (and health, #spellsickness) to cast The Safeguard.

    And an eeeeeextra special nod to Revenir for using positive Mountaineer memories (and probably-magiqal art skills) to create the work of art that now protects our community:






    Eaves replied 3 years, 6 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
  • 1 Reply
  • Eaves

    September 3, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    I wish I knew how to feel right now.

    I wish I knew what to say.

    On the one hand, Ascender is my past, and what I left behind two years ago. Some of the most defining things in my life have happened since then. Since him. On the other hand, my heart is broken like I never left his side. I miss them, and you, and though I love my friends here in the sanctuary, they, and you, were my first family.

    My last communication with you almost crushed me, literally. I blacked out after you responded, and when I woke up, I had two fractured ribs and three broken fingers. It’s like I was reaching through to you, and the passage closed around me. I don’t know if I can do this again, so I want to tell you everything I can because a lot is happening and you need all the information.

    Most adepts here, including Port and Alison, are now powerless. The few sensitives with minor, more sensory powers still have traces, but adepts break magiq, and it looks like there isn’t enough left to break.

    The herald tried to reach into the dark while I was out and she’s taken a sharp turn for the worse. We’re with her, her granddaughter hasn’t left her side, but we’re nearing the end of her time. We still don’t know what she saw in the dark ahead, if anything.

    Martin has been out of touch aside from a few check-ins. I’m not sure what he’s doing or what’s going on back in NYC, but if I can reach out to you again, I’ll update you.

    Most importantly, for us at least, Yuridia, one of the “sensitives” who still has a trace of power, can sense magimystic currents and she’s been noticing a series of strange waves washing over the sanctuary recently. She equates the waves to a sort of “mystic echolocation” like someone is using powerful magic to try and bounce off our protective walls and find us. The only ones left with a powerful enough reserve of magic is the Silver. If our walls falter and they see us, we will be defenseless.

    I don’t know what we’ll do without the herald, without her guidance. I’m scared, mounties. How much more will we have to lose?

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