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    Posted by CJB on July 3, 2021 at 12:00 am

    I had issues connecting to the live stream last week but luckily I got to watch this playback the next day and it DOES NOT disappoint!

    darkmimic replied 2 years, 2 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • darkmimic

    July 3, 2021 at 12:16 am

    And here is the quick and dirty recap for those unable to watch the video!

    The Stony Harbor Coven began the night’s session outside the lighthouse, just before midnight. Carefully, they investigated the area to see if there was anything else afoot that they could see, but after a cursory search, they didn’t find anything untoward. Alex then used his key to unlock the lighthouse and the coven mates went inside.

    The inside of the lighthouse was quite clean, if a bit disorganized in places. There was a desk with an older computer and a number of maps strewn about, a spiral staircase rising up the center of the tower to the light itself, an “in-house” bathroom, and a wooden hatch beneath the staircase.

    The coven mates searched the interior and found little of interest. Upon opening the hatch, they went down into the small basement where they found a number of boxes containing food, alcohol (which Alex made special note of), and various other items people might use during an extended stay at the lighthouse. However, right at midnight, a magical archway appeared on the far wall of the little basement that led into the caverns beneath the lighthouse (and much of Stony Harbor.)

    The coven was prepared. Everyone brought out their torches/flashlights as well as rope to affix to the small step ladder in the basement so that they would be able to find their way back. Slowly, they ventured into the caves where the darkness permeated everything except the lights they shone ahead.

    Erik and Lani noticed their compasses would twirl strangely before settling back down every fifteen to twenty seconds. The disturbance wasn’t enough to deter them, so they continued further into the caves until they heard whimpering echoing up ahead. The whimpering suddenly stopped and the party suspected it was because whoever (or whatever) was making those sounds had heard them.

    It was at this moment that the coven mates decided to use some of their magimystic abilities to help them discover what mysteries were lurking down here in the dark.

    Alex noticed that a magical aura surrounded the caves at the same intervals the compasses would twirl. Lani used her special ability to hear what nearby water could hear and was able to hear a number of voices through the water’s memory. Some new, some older, some laughing and giggling while a few others calling for help. She also heard a strange scraping sound.

    Not wanting to alarm her coven mates, Lani did her best to describe the scraping sound in an anodyne way. Caroline used her own magimystic abilities to sense for any beings in the vicinity and what they may be thinking and feeling. Immediately she sensed someone close by who was exhausted, hungry, and very very frightened.

    Eventually the coven found the courage to move forward and discovered a teenager named Candice Valducci. She had gone into the caves with her two friend Devon and Zane in order to compete in the social media contest known as “Survive the Night” where people go to the scariest places in their area (haunted houses, dark forests, etc.) and see if they can stay a full night. Unfortunately, Zane fell and badly hurt his leg. Devon decided to stay with him while Candice went to go get help. However, the myriad pathways made it easy for Candice to become lost. Eventually her phone died and she was trapped in the dark until the coven found her 24 hours later. But as Candice explained what had happened, she also told them she heard something out there in the dark. Something was down there with them.

    Erik and Thea scouted ahead to see if they could find Devon and Zane while the other party members remained behind. While the party members staying behind discussed what to do next, they all heard the strange scraping sound Lani had heard through her magimystic ability earlier. Alex tugged on the rope and Erik and Thea returned. The coven slowly moved toward the sound. Ahead, they could see a larger area with dozens of names scratched not he walls: the name Room, where brave (foolish?) Stony Harborites would carve their names to prove they’ve been this deep into the caves.

    Alex saw a magical aura coming from something inside the Name Room but couldn’t determine what it was. The coven distributed emergency glow sticks and discussed possible magimystic means to get the jump on whatever it was that was making the sound (much to Candice’s confusion). Eventually, Erik jumped out and “yeeted” a glow stick at the thing making the scraping sound.

    Instead of some kind of eldritch horror, which most of the coven was suspecting, Erik saw a large raven chained to a heavy book closed shut with an iron lock that it was slowly dragging behind itself. After the rest of the party entered the cavern to see the bird, Luke and Cass decided to take Candice to the surface and have her call for help. Once at the surface, Cass gave Candice her phone and had her call the police before she and Luke ventured back down to the others.

    Thea compared the iron key the coven had received from the Captain of the Eratosthenes to the iron chain and lock and confirmed that they were of the same rudimentary construction and age. Even though the bird, chain, and book exuded an aura of magic, the coven used the key in the lock, hoping they didn’t need an additional magimystic component. With a stiff turn, Thea was able to move the key and unlock the book.

    The book itself had a paragraph of words written on the cover, but on the inside it only had names. Two columns of names appeared on each of the roughly 100 pages of the ancient book.

    Remembering the three numbers on the side of the key, 41, 2, and 5, Erik turned to page 41, column 2, and read the fifth name: Haralda Fenne. Upon uttering the name aloud, the chain dissolved into magical smoke, freeing the bird from the book. Once free, the bird slowly transformed into a woman.

    The coven tried to communicate with her, but she only seemed to understand Middle English. The coven mates then worked together to translate the cover of the book, calling upon what they remembered from translating the words that led them there until they eventually translated the text:

    The Complete and Accurate account of Haralda’s Devilry

    Herein lie the names of those most holy of god’s children, their moment to sit at their rightful place by the lord’s side delayed through the evil sorceries of the devil’s witch Haralda. By ridding their village of this great pestilence, she has thwarted divine will. For this grievous and demonic affront, she is condemned to beastdom, burdened by the tome of her sins, and banished to the darkest regions of the underworld. Haralda shall remain in this cursed state for each year she has denied these poor souls their noble entry into heaven, or until she is found sufficiently punished and her name called upon through mortal, unbeastly lips.

    The woman, Haralda, had been punished for using her magimystic ability to save the lives of people dying from a terrible disease. But now that she had been freed from this unjust punishment, the lost time began to catch up with her and she started aging rapidly. But as the age came, she gazed upon the names of those whom she saved and smiled, looking to the coven and saying something they all believed was “thank you.” A little time later, Harlada was nothing but dust.

    The coven quickly set about to find Devon and Zane. They called out and eventually found Devon and Zane nearby in a natural bowl about ten feet deep, slowly filling with water.

    The coven was able to retrieve the two teenagers and guide them to the surface (though, not through the magical door in the lighthouse). By the time they arrived, paramedics were already on the scene, ready to take took Zane and Devon to the hospital. Alex, Lani, and Erik informed the police about the events that transpired while the rest of the coven hid nearby, not wanting to arouse any suspicions toward the coven. By the time all statements had been given and everyone headed home, it was 3 in the morning. Though it seemed like months, their first day as a coven had finally come to an end.

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