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    Name: Victoria “Nimueh/Nim” James

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5’ 4″

    Build: On the cubby side

    Ethnicity: White, Welsh

    Hair Color/Style: Golden blonde, very long, normally worn down or in a ponytail.

    Eye Color: Green

    Notable Features: N/A


    Often seeming pessimistic to others, Nimueh tries to look at life through practical eyes. She tends to fail miserably, however, as a constant lust for something more pushes her on. Her overactive imagination and a love of books makes her creative and often sees her off in her own world, while her practical mind wants her to be off exploring or doing something productive. Her love for learning sees her with many skills, but master of none.

    She is nice to everyone she meets and tries her best to help where she can. Shy and self-conscious, she often finds others taking advantage of her willingness to help. In a crowded room, even among friends, she is likely to sit at the back or in a corner alone, not really fitting in. She can have a quick sense of humour or a sharp tongue given the right situation however, so don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanour.


    Guild: Balimora (possible poly with Thornmouth or Ebenguard)

    Age of Magiqal Awakening: 20

    Magiqian Status: Novice, very novice

    Areas of Expertise: Tends to cast though music (song or instrumental), or storytelling

    Preferred Magiq Affinities: Bestiary Arts, Mend

    Attitudes Towards Magiq: Loves magiq, but careful not to overstep her limits to a point where she barely challenges herself due to a fear of what it may do.

    Nimueh knew from a young age that there was something more to life. As a child she was carefree and popular, but as she grew older she began looking for what was missing in her life, distancing herself from most people. Nothing really happened through choice; it was as if the path she was taking was not meant for them. She partially found what she was looking for in her arts; in writing and creating music. Though this stilled her for a time, there was still something just out of her reach that she knew she needed to find. She learnt to read tarot, runes, taught herself to use herbs to heal. After her interaction with a certain online forum, she realised that she’d had what she was looking for the entire time, and had been using it unwittingly in her msuci and writing. Her magiq also explained why most animals seemed to instantly take a liking to her…


    Job: Student

    Education: University

    Car: None

    Home: Student Halls

    Pets/Familiar: Falcon called Merlin (lives in Balihouse). Past pet/familiar was a grey tomcat that she found wondering her back lane. Took her six months of encouraging to coax the extremely terrified young cat to allow her to stroke him, but they become fast friends.

    As a serious introvert, Nimueh spends almost all the time she isn’t studying to complete her degree on her computer or reading. Gaming is a big part of her life, but can be found composing something when inspiration strikes.


    Favorite Music Genres/Bands: Celtic, Soundtracks

    Favorite TV/Books/Etc: LOTR, Merlin (TV), Dark is Rising (book series), La Mort d’Arthur

    Hobbies: Writing, Gaming, Composing, Flute, Singing, Arranging, Reading, Archery

    Fashion Style: Generally wears jeans and a t-shirt, usually in blues, purples and greens.


    Family: Mother, Father

    Friends: None really to speak of

    Significant Other: None

    Enemies: None really, closest being the Silver

    As someone who tends to stick in the background and listen rather than talk, she doesn’t tend to find herself with many friends. This also comes from years of “friends” turning out to be not quite the people she thought.

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