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    Name: OracleSage, Oracle to the Mounties

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6’

    Build: Slender

    Ethnicity: Caucasian and Basque

    Hair Color/Style: White (Dyed the Gossmere mourning color to honor Cags and Itsuki) .

    Eye Color: Hazel

    Notable Features:

    Personality: Generally bubbly and giggly. Oracle tends to be smiling more often than he isn’t.

    Oracle is a bit of a social butterfly, but after awhile he will disappear into his dorm to be alone. He likes hanging with his friends, exploring, and sitting in Gosspound on rainy days, painting and writing poetry.

    Guild: Gossmere

    Age of Magiqal Awakening: 14

    Magiqian Status: Sensitive

    Areas of Expertise: Poetry and storytelling

    Preferred Magiq Affinities: Call to the Hearth

    Attitudes Towards Magiq: Oracle views magiq with rose tinted glasses, and sometimes refuses to see the darker side of it, opting instead to revel in the wonder of it.


    Job: Writer and freelance poet.

    Education: Private Arts School

    Car: N/A

    Home: An apartment just outside of New Orleans, and the Gossplains.

    Pets/Familiar: None

    Oracle was raised in a Philadelphian suburb, in a wholly unmagiqal family. However, when he turned 15 he was accepted to an arts school in New Orleans for creative writing, and moved in with his grandparents so he could attend. His grandparents are wholly aware and supportive of their grandsons magimystical tendencies and love hearing about his stories exploring Neithernor with his guild mate, Augo.


    Favorite Music Genres/Bands: Indie pop

    Favorite TV/Books/Etc: Cooking shows and home makeover shows, and The Great Gatsby

    Hobbies: Writing, crocheting, and listening to music.

    Fashion Style: Edgy and colorful, Oracles fashion very much so reflects how he sees his guild. Often dressed in vintage or bohemian tshirts, high waisted jeans, and a comfy cardigan or sweater.

    Likes/Dislikes: Likes, hanging out with his friends, knitting, playing poker, and cooking

    Dislikes: Hot weather, Math and Sciences, high pressure environments.


    Family: Mother and Grandmother

    Friends: All Mountaineers and most anyone,ever, really.

    Significant Other: N/A

    Enemies: N/A (Skeptical about Silver and Wool)

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