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    Name: Robert (Last name redacted to protect his family)

    Age: 45

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5’11″

    Build: Totally in shape…what? A circle is a shape.

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Hair Color/Style: Light brown hair, short, kind of a bald spot in the back that he likes cause it makes him look more monk like.

    Eye Color: Blue

    Notable Features: Absolutely none

    Personality: Generally Jovial. Has a great need to be helpful, and tends to wander off when there’s no one to help or anything to do.

    Robert’s basic personality can be boiled down to ‘Everything will work out’. Because, everything always does.


    Guild: Balmora

    Age of Magiqal Awakening: 26

    Magiqian Status: Unknown

    Areas of Expertise: Luck/chaos magiq

    Preferred Magiq Affinities: Charm (particular specialty Charmed Life)

    Attitudes Towards Magiq: It’s a crazy world out there, for all sorts of reasons than just Magiq. It pays to learn how the world works to try to get a glimmer of understanding in how you can interact with it.

    tl;dr Robert has no active magiqal abilities.

    At the age of 6 Robert learned, during a game of dodgeball, if he stopped running and stared at someone who was about to throw a ball at him that they would almost always pick another target. Once he swears he saw the other kids eyes lose focus briefly, almost as if they were looking past or through him. He wrote this off as a childhood game.

    At age 10, Robert was troubled by a school bully. The one time the bully threw a punch at him, he extremely quickly dodged only to have the bully find out he had just punched someone 4 years older with his follow through. He never bothered Robert again.

    At age 14, Robert suddenly and violently came down with an illness that kept him home from school. Later that afternoon they learned the bus he was to take to school was in a traffic accident, and 4 children were hospitalized.

    At age 26 Robert had a run in with an angry client that was solved by a freak occurrence suddenly removing him from any danger.

    These incidents and dozens others began to form a pattern in Robert’s mind, and when he squinted, and searched for an answer he could just feel the edge of a presence about him, Magiq. At times of stress or danger to himself or a group he is a part of things just happen to aid the situation. It’s almost never an expected event, but there is always usually some mundane explanation that could be used to smooth over the fact something very odd just happened.

    No one who has looked into the matter has any idea if this is an ability of Robert’s, or some protection placed upon him by someone or something else. Whether he is an adept with a chaotic power or just the recipient of one is an open debate.

    Other then preventing something bad from happening this ability otherwise seems indifferent to Robert’s life, and to the lives people around him. He’ll never win the lottery due to this, but he probably won’t be struck by lightning, either. You probably don’t want to be standing next to Robert in a thunderstorm, though.

    In recent years Robert has spent more time attempting to harness this ability for defense, particular with the birth of his two children. Four times in the past four years he has wished to call upon this ability and swears he can feel a ‘thread’ somewhere deep in his head. If he pulls on that thread, things happen. Whether he’s actively using this, or simply tricking himself into thinking he is in danger to engage it, he’s not sure.

    The one most recent oddity about this ability however came when his daughter was 2 years old during a trip to the zoo with extended family. She was in a stroller and the uncle pushing her around left her on a hill without the brake engaged. The stroller began rolling down the hill with increasing speed toward a zoo building. Knowing he could not reach it in time, Robert attempted to cause something to happen. At that very moment a sense of ‘it will be alright’ came over him and as heavy set man emerged from a nearby doorway, saw the stroller and quickly reacted to intercede before it could slam into the building. Robert simply knew his power had worked.

    However, before it reached the man waiting to catch it the stroller wheel struck a rock causing it to spin around and make a sharp right turn where it rolled to a safe stop on it’s own. Had he been wrong about using his ability? Had he done it, but the instinctual part kicked in anyway causing a second random event to happen? Or, was his daughter protected by something of her own? All interesting questions he doesn’t have the answers to.

    To make a long story short (too late). If you want to send someone to explore a dark hole in a Neithernorian ruin, he’s a good person to send in first. If he comes out running and screaming, you probably don’t want to stick around.


    Job: Software Engineer

    Education: BS Computer Science, Boston University

    Car: Very old Prius

    Home: Family style home stuck in the Pennsylvania farm country.

    Pets/Familiar: Familiar: Trouble, Husky puppy found upon arriving to the Castle of Vines


    Description of lifestyle, written in a paragraph style.


    Favorite Music Genres/Bands: Mostly 80’s and 90’s rock and alternative rock. Lots of Pixies and TMBG at the base but anything high energy and moving that he can code to gets on his playlist.

    Favorite TV/Books/Etc: Books: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul, both by Douglas Adams. TV: Don’t watch too much TV lately.

    Hobbies: Computer gaming, occaisionally building computers, rpgs

    Fashion Style: None, t-shirts and shorts whenever possible.



    Family: Wife, 2 kids

    Friends: All Mounties really. Often seen with: @Brendon, @Leigha, @Kelsey

    Significant Other: Helen, former wiccan probably a closet Gossmere. Doesn’t worry too much about Magiq.

    Enemies: He doesn’t know enough about the Silver first hand to truly hate them, but they’re up there on the list.

    Description of important relationships, written in paragraphs

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