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  • Start Here! The Forum Table of Contents

    Posted by CJB on April 24, 2021 at 7:00 am

    Welcome to the Ackerly Green Community Forum!

    Below you’ll learn about how the forum works, including helpful rules, forum levels you can earn, how in-world and out-of-world functions, and how you can choose how immersive an experience you’d like to have!

    Forum Trust Level 0: Welcome to the community!

    This is a supportive, creative, and nurturing environment.

    Before you begin, we ask that you please read our Community Rules and adhere to them.

    Once you’ve read the rules, you can:

    There are also lots of topics in the Community category where you can contribute to community conversations.

    And if you want to receive notifications on topics you’re interested in, download the Briar Archive app on iOS or Android!

    Forum Level 1: Getting Started

    Congratulations! You’re officially a Recruit! This means you can now:

      • Learn the difference between your “IRL” self and your forum self in You + Magic

    Forum Level 2: Join the Story

    Woohoo! You’re officially a Member. Now that you know your way around the forum, it’s time for you to join the story.

      • If you’ve finished Flora & Fauna and are wondering what to read next, click here for the Briarverse Timeline.

    Forum Level 3: Explore the Briarverse

    Wow! Congrats, Regular, this is the highest forum level you can achieve. As a Regular, you can now:

      • Join the private Mountaineer Discord Server
      • Explore Neithernor in the Briarverse Minecraft Server
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Activity Forums The Welcome Forum Start Here! The Forum Table of Contents

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