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    Posted by Skylad on April 30, 2021 at 5:19 am

    Name: Erik Olsen

    Guild: Weatherwatch

    Bearing: Ardeonaut

    Backstory: Erik Olsen is an Australian firefighter taking a sabbatical after loosing a close friend on the job a little over a year ago.

    The day had started like many others that week. Bushfires were ravaging the vast country side of rural Victoria and they had been rushed down to help the overwhelmed local forces. having done some impressive work in guiding the fire away from a small cattle station Erik and his crew where returning to their temporary base of operations to clean up, grab a feed and some well deserved rest. Being in such high spirits Erik allowed one of the younger members of his crew, Paul, to drive the rig for the very first time. Half way back they received an urgent call over the radio. The winds had abruptly changed direction and the fire was now headed straight for their location. The fire now bearing down on them the rush was on to get out before they where completely overwhelmed. The wall of flames was growing steadily higher when an old gumtree gave way crashing down onto the bonnet of the rig. Somehow Erik’s seatbelt failed and he was flung through the windshield of the rig. passing out before he even hit the ground.

    Waking up in a hospital bed days later, miraculously with only minor injuries he discovered the Paul had not been so lucky and took the full impact from the falling tree.

    Suffering from a bit of survivors guilt but wanting to honour the vibrant memory of his fallen colleague Erik is on a Backpacking adventure through the states, one of Pauls many bucket list items. Where he is drawn into the sleepy town of Stony Harbour

    High Concept: Buutt shenanigans,

    The jovial Aussie has always been blessed with good fortune, resulting in his willingness to accept dares and participate in foolish competitions.

    Trouble: Survivors Guilt.

    After loosing Paul in a devastating accident, Erik has been suffering from survivors guilt. Wondering why he escaped the crash when is comrade didn’t. For this reason Erik now struggles, not only with the guilt but, to let anyone close to him be exposed to any sort of danger.

    (Having a profession that involves saving lives Erik is willing to do just about anything to help and protect those he cares most about)


    #1 Culture Shock

    “Ooooh Twinkie :star_struck:”

    “Ohhhh Twinkie :cold_sweat:”

    Having only arrived in the states a few months ago Erik is still getting used to all of the “Americanisms” he encounters and tends to become quite side-tracked by them


    Blue Collar Boy

    In the few months that Erik has been working on the docks he has built up a great reputation as a hard and diligent worker among his fellow working class peers.

    Sometimes however, the intricacies of white collar society confuse him.


    Great (+4) Wit

    Good (+3) Survival, Notice

    Fair (+2) Athletics, Rapport Investigate

    Average (+1) Will, Might, Evoke, Fight


    Mental stress track

    :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square:

    Physical stress track

    :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square:

    Magiq stress track

    :green_square: :green_square: :black_large_square: :black_large_square:



    Mortal abilities

    (Notice) “Danger Sense. You have an almost preternatural capacity for detecting danger. Your Notice skill works unimpeded by conditions like total concealment, darkness, or other sensory impairments in situations where someone or something intends to harm you.”

    (Athletics) “Hardcore Parkour. +2 to overcome actions with Athletics if you are in a chase across rooftops or a similarly precarious environment.”

    Magimystic abilities

    Guild abilities

    “Ag Gladio: Wrought”

    Your words are magimystic. Redirect one creature’s hostility toward someone other than you. Can be used once per scene. (Lvl 1)


    “Steps of Icarus: Material Per Scene”

    The ability to make rigid, semi-transparent platforms of a size no larger than three square feet. Each platform requires holding one Fate point.

    “Petrov’s Unerring Arrow : Wrought”

    You launch a bolt of shimmering force at any target. It deals one shift of physical stress. The bolt manoeuvres itself around obstacles and cannot miss

    “Lesser Efferent Telemancy: Wrought Per Scene”

    You issue a single word telematic command to a target, who attempts to follow to the best of their ability

    “Magimetabolism – Material Per session”

    You and your covenmates are fully sustained by the six elements and no longer require food, water, air or sleep for the remainder of the session. You acclimate quickly to extremes of temperature. you cannot inccur physical stress from the environment, but still take physical stress from attacks.

    Unmastered Spells

    Physical aspects

    Age: 32

    Height: 6″4

    Weight: 220lb

    Build: Muscular

    Hair: Red/ Auburn

    Eyes: Dark Grey

    Pronouns: He/Him

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  • Skylad

    May 1, 2021 at 3:48 am

    Erik Sheet 5

  • Skylad

    June 25, 2021 at 2:47 pm

    Erik’s Adventure backpack

    • Harness
    • Rope 200ft
    • Belay
    • Pully
    • Nonlocking and locking carabineers
    • Runners (single and double)
    • Prusik cords
    • gloves
    • Shovel/axe
    • Headlamp and spare batteries
    • Compass and satellite GPS
    • Satellite messenger
    • Solar battery pack (Fully Charged)
    • First aid kit
    • Emergency provisions
    • Water bottle
    • Fire starter kit
    • Whistle
    • Signalling mirror
    • Binoculars

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