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    Posted by Skylad on September 19, 2019 at 5:39 am

    The door was not unlike any other. Plain brown wood, long and rectangular. Practically identical to the myriad of doors that lined the passage way. The only part that made it stand out from any other was the ornate lock that was situated right in the centre of the door. At a casual glance one might have thought that it was just covered with random etchings but if you stopped and stared you could see a tiny ship bobbing up and down in the middle of a storm blink a panther stalking its pray though a dense forest blink an elephant roaming the vast savanna landscape blink a hermit on a pilgrimage blink a turtle with a messenger bag blink the image would shift from one to the next every time you blinked or shifted your gaze. The only constant feature of the lock was the keyhole with its unusual cross shape.

    The door opens up into an impossibly large room. Not that the room itself is big but all the doors out in the passage way lead one to believe that the rooms behind them are no bigger than a broom closet but this was about the size of a modest living room. A large stained glass window occupied the entire ceiling casting a similar illusion to the lock on the door. Images moved and shifted the longer you stared at it but changed entirely the moment you blinked or looked away. Somehow light shone through it even though there should have been another floor above it. The ceiling could be admired in its entirety from the hammock suspended in the middle of the room, although “suspended” is a term used loosely. The ropes at either end sort of… faded away at the ends where it was tangible and real where they where tied to the hammock.

    Along the west wall stood an ornate copper bathtub with hundreds of taps and nozzles leading to it. Each tap and nozzle had something different to offer. One poured out a mist that smelt like the dewy hills of lush green pasture, another a purple gloop that smelt of mint and left ones hair feeling silky smooth and almost weightless. If one needed to bath in a hurry, this was not the bath for them. Over on the east wall stood a large armwar that opened up into a walk in wardrobe of sorts. Where one would expect a wardrobe to hold clothing catered for one or two people this one held fashions from all manor of places! No matter who tried them on all the cloths miraculously fit each user perfectly so no one had to spend any time finding their size only their style.

    Lastly on the back wall was a window above a desk that reviewed a landscape that reflected the viewers state of mind. Map, books and all sorts of other nick-nacks and other oddities littered the desk. It wasn’t tidy by any stretch of the imagination but it wasn’t exactly disorganised either. In the center of the desk sat a brand new ledger, written along the middle in gold leaf was ”Property of Captain Skylad”

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