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    *Work in progress


    Place photo or inspirational art here.


    Name: Tinker

    Age: Early 20s

    Gender: Female (identifying and expressing)

    Height: 6ft

    Build: Sturdy

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Hair Color/Style: Long brown hair, usually braided back (for work purposes, to appease magiqal OSHA)

    Eye Color: Grey

    Notable Features: Very freckle-y


    Paragraph overview of who they are, physically and personality type.


    Guild: Flinterforge

    Age of Magiqal Awakening: 16

    Magiqian Status: Adept, intermediate

    Areas of Expertise: Artisan, but can cobble together some verbal magiq if needed

    Preferred Magiq Affinities: Artificer’s Whim, Alchemical Transfigurations, Breath of Creation

    Attitudes Towards Magiq: Loves and is generally in awe of magic, treats it like any other tool or skill – there’s always more ways to learn and grow, and creative ways of using it to do good.

    Description of magiqal abilities, written in a paragraph style.


    Job: Research Engineer

    Education: On-going

    Car: Prefers to walk

    Home: Organized chaos…except for the project areas and supply storage which are just chaos-chaos

    Pets/Familiar: No pets in the mundane, (so far) no familiar in Neithernor

    Description of lifestyle, written in a paragraph style.


    Favorite Music Genres/Bands: Will listen to a bit of anything, but usually winds up in alternative/indie folk

    Favorite TV/Books/Etc: Doesn’t watch a ton of TV but usually likes to have something light/smart/funny to turn to…also The Great British Bake-off that show’s a gift. In terms of books, the favorites list is ever-changing. The Night Circus is up there, accompanied by an assortment of other urban fantasy works. Plus whatever aspirational craft book purchase has the prettiest pictures.

    Hobbies: Sewing, crafting, reading, photography

    Fashion Style: On a typical day, something practical and comfortable for working in the Forge – skinny jeans, plain t-shirt, sturdy boots (all probably covered in paint or project bits). If there’s serious, heavy-duty work to do, there might be an apron or some overalls. On mostly planning days, the jeans will be swapped for yoga pants, the t-shirt for a soft hoodie, and the boots for extra-soft socks. For special occasions, she goes all out – prefers clothing that’s a little “out there”, usually something that would have been technically difficult to create in some way.

    Likes/Dislikes: Tinker appreciates things that cultivate positivity and tends to avoid things that are negative for negativity’s sake.




    Significant Other:


    Description of important relationships, written in paragraphs

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