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    Posted by Catherine on October 10, 2019 at 8:35 pm


    Go-Getters is a residential mental health organization in Maryland, which was responsible for Augernon’s full-time care, as of Fragment Eleven.


    Go-Getters is a psychiatric rehabilitation organization, which helps individuals with severe mental illness reintegrate into their communities. It offers assistance for individuals of all ages. Go-Getters is located in Maryland.

    According to Martin Rank, Go-Getters has strict visitation rules. Only individuals who know the name of the person whom they wish to meet are permitted to visit residents, and only family members are able to inquire about the status of a resident. Electronic devices such as phones and recorders are not allowed.


    As described in his blog post, “You are the Mountaineers”, Ascender went to a mental health facility in Maryland to speak with Augernon. After somehow suffering memory loss, along with the other ’94 Mountaineers, Augie had been forced to stay in a residential care center. This was later revealed to be Go-Getters.

    During Fragment Eleven, Aether revealed a variety of information to recruits, from the Kemetic Solutions servers. In his page “Free”, Aether stated that he would “find Sanvig first.” After recruits followed a link to BSanvig, they received an image which, when reverse-image searched, revealed the Go-Getters website. Although recruits were initially skeptical that the site was at all relevant, Martin Rank revealed that he “had crossed paths with Go-Getters” and that recruits had as well. The facility Ascender had visited was thus confirmed to be Go-Getters.

    Using a spell retrieved by Aether from The Lost Athenaeum, Marty traveled to Go-Getters to get information from Augie. After the spell’s completion, Augie had a seizure and collapsed, and Marty quickly escaped from the facility.

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