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    Posted by Catherine on November 19, 2019 at 4:43 pm


    The Book of Briars contains four Keyholes.


    The Book of Briars contains four locks, which prevented the book from being opened. Each of the book’s locks can be opened by a key, one of which was found by the Mountaineers, at the end of each phase. The keys are found through fragments, which are magical keywords that unlock portions of the Book of Briar’s website. Finding four fragments completes a phase, and thereby unlocks a new key. After four fragments are obtained, the Book of Briars initiates a Magimystical Assessment. The assessment involves answering a number of questions which can be answered using the information from the four preceding fragment pieces. After enough recruits have passed the assessment, the key will successfully turn the lock.

    List of Keyholes

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