Book 3 in the Briar Archive

Artifacts lost in time, supernatural alliances, and a desperate choice that changed the world.

The adventure that began with The Monarch Papers continues with Ackerly Green’s Secret Society.

When Deirdre Green places the stewardship of Ackerly Green Publishing in author C.J. Bernstein’s hands, he expects his days to be filled with copy edits, contracts, and cover designs. 

But when a box of collectible pins is discovered in a long-forgotten storage room, it triggers the reformation of The Ackerly Green Secret Society, a fan club from the company’s lost history. Armed with the pins, the Mountaineers begin to find themselves inexplicably drawn to forgotten magimystic corners of the world, and it becomes clear that there is more to the society than simply honoring Ackerly Green’s enigmatic past.

As magimystic artifacts from the alternate timeline begin surfacing, CJ and the Mountaineers realize a new story is rising from the ashes of The Monarch Papers.

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