From the vaults of AG Alchemy comes the second in the Wheel of the Year line, inspired by seasonal festivals and significant dates in the Briarverse. 

Theme: Summer Born in Spring

Head: Geranium, Spring Leaves, Ozone
Heart: Fig, Jasmine, Saffron
Soul: Light Musk, Wood, Moss

“Spring gives way to summer spirits, bonfire, bloom, and birth. Painted petals, ripened fruit, the glory of the earth.”

Choose from an 8oz jarred candle with wooden wick or 3oz wax melts.

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These coconut-soy wood-wicked candles are handmade by C.J. Bernstein using all-natural, humane, and responsibly sourced products.

AG Alchemy candles and melts are a new way to experience the immersive magiq of Ackerly Green.