From the vaults of AG Alchemy comes a new line of limited edition author-crafted candles, inspired by favorite characters from the Briarverse. 

Theme: Woodsy & Contrasting

Head: Bayberry, Fern, Heliotrope
Heart: Vanilla, Cypress, Moss
Soul: Oak, Earth, Incense

“An ancient grove of tangled oak and evergreen. Winter berries hide in briared thickets and sweet vanilla whispers on the wind. A chance meeting in a forest lost to time and memory.”

Choose from an 8oz jarred candle with wooden wick or 3oz wax melts.

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These coconut-soy wood-wicked candles are handmade by C.J. Bernstein using all-natural, humane, and responsibly sourced products.

AG Alchemy candles and melts are a new way to experience the immersive magiq of Ackerly Green.

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3oz, 8oz