Calling all dice goblins– The official dice of the Neithernor Roleplaying Game are finally here!

Created specifically for the Neithernor RPG, Neithernor Fate Dice have a unique design that also allows them to work perfectly with any game that uses six-sided dice! (see below for more information)

Choose from the Standard Set which includes six dice with each of the six guild symbols, or a premium Guild Set which features the same guild symbol on all six dice for the ultimate #guildpride.


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  • Each dice is made of silky-smooth translucent acrylic in Ackerly Green’s signature “magimystic purple” with contrasting white debossing.
  • The 1-5 sides of each die have both numerical symbols and “+” and “-” symbols to work seamlessly with the Neithernor RPG and other Fate-based games, as well as any game requiring standard dice.
  • The sixth side of each die is emblazoned with one of the six Briarverse guild symbols: Weatherwatch’s torch and telescope, Gossmere’s lotus, the Flinterforge furnace, Ebenguard’s bow and arrow, Thornmouth’s lantern, and Balimora’s entwined trees.
  • Each set comes prepacked in a black velveteen bag to ensure they arrive ready to roll and in pristine condition.