Join a mystic alliance that works in the shadows, but fights for the light. Take on dangerous missions and decipher ancient secrets. Shape the future of our world and unravel the mysteries of our magimystic past.

Abandon the distinction between reality and fiction. You may be called to action at any moment and your decisions will become the canonized narrative of the Briarverse.

You have never experienced anything like

Your Actions Are Canon. Your Choices Change Everything.

Collaborate with author CJ Bernstein as your ideas, choices, experiences, and even memories deeply shape a sprawling lore-rich narrative. As a Briar, your story becomes the canonized version of events.

Old Friends Return. New Alliances Are Forged.

The characters you’ve come to know will now also get to know you. Deepen your relationship with fellow members of the society, old and new characters, and the ever-expanding narrative of the Magiqverse.

Blur the Boundaries of Reality. Shatter the Limits of Fiction.

Unravel mysteries, learn spells, and shape the new age of magic. More immersive and personal than The Monarch Papers, The Briar Society will have you questioning where reality ends and fiction begins.

The Eye of The Storm. The Heart of The Story.

Join a real secret society whose mission is to learn about our past and protect the new age of magic from dark forces bent on controlling it. Instead of supporting the narrative, you are at the heart of events.

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Monthly Enrollment

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$ 100 Billed Annually
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  • Get the annual collectible for free

Education Enrollment Options

Monthly Education Enrollment

For Students, Educators, and Librarians
$ 8 Billed Monthly
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  • 50% off The Briar Society Pin

Annual Education Enrollment

For Students, Educators, and Librarians
$ 80 Billed Monthly
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