Shape The Story.
Live The Book.

Go beyond the boundaries of traditional novels and become a character in an immersive, never-ending narrative adventure.

It begins with a lost book, a secret history, and a recently discovered assessment that claims to determine your magical aptitude.

Are you ready?


A never-ending tale of hidden magic, secret societies, and alternate histories in a one-of-a-kind vision of contemporary fantasy from author C.J. Bernstein.


Perform spells, befriend characters, and solve centuries-old mysteries alongside fellow readers as your actions shape the story. You hold the fate of magic in your hands.


Join a thriving family of likeminded people who believe in wonder and the power of community. Stand side by side on the frontlines of a fight that will change the world.

How We Tell The Story:


C.J. Bernstein creates interactive stories that unfold live online. Rich with lore, mystery, and the chance for readers to interact with characters and perform magic, these narratives blur the line between fiction and reality.


Those completed narratives are adapted into physical books that immortalize our readers’ ideas and actions in print, like The Monarch Papers Vols. 1 & 2.


Those adapted works lead to major tentpole novels like The Book of Briars which push the “Magiqverse” narrative forward in major ways. Think of these books as the “season finales” of our never-ending narrative.


Supplemental “chapters” are always unfolding on our forum, like The Secret Society and The Search for Magiq, stories which bridge the gap between more expansive immersive stories and our game changing tentpole books.


Whether chatting with fellow magimysts and learning more about magiq and the six guilds, or sharing everything from personal artwork to favorite books, tabletop games, photos of pets, and anything in-between, our community is rich with kind and welcoming people who believe in the power of story.

From Our Community of Readers:

"Readers of Ackerly Green are the living, breathing essence of the books; and author/founder CJ Bernstein has opened up a whole world of possibility with his interactive, literary narrative experiences that go deep into the heartland of world building with multimedia, multi-sensory adventures."
“CJ Bernstein and Ackerly Green are trailblazing a new kind of storytelling​, one dedicated to evoking wonder from its readers above all else. In this masterfully crafted world, revolving around this deliciously real company, we are transported into Bernstein’s words as we live out the adventures alongside the characters in real time.”