From the desk of the publisher

Summer 2017

Last August I started a weird little project called The Monarch Papers. An online, interactive novel that was somewhere between an alternate-reality game, an rpg, and a choose your own adventure book. All I had was a lot of story, a couple puzzles, and about ten readers.

Now, a little over a year later, thousands of people have signed up to experience what they’ve christened “The MAGIQverse,” a modern fantasy realm teeming with secret societies, lost books, altered histories, and the never-ending search for magiq.

The plan for The Monarch Papers was always to document everything that the readers explored over the course of twelve (thirteen) months and then turn it into a book. A book that would be an introduction to this world and my novel, The Book of Briars. Well, a year is a long time. The Monarch Papers not only became two books (three if you count Fletcher Dawson’s The Forest of Darkening Glass) but SO much happened in what started as a simple prequel idea that The Book of Briars had to be rewritten to accommodate what is now an intrinsic piece of The MAGIQverse.

And today all four books (and The Guide to MAGIQ!) are available for pre-order, and will be released in the spring of 2018.

I am incredibly proud to officially launch Ackerly Green Publishing. Right now, it’s just The Book Shop but this site is going to continue to grow over the next couple of months. There will be new fiction, podcasts, radio plays, a focus on continued interaction with the thriving magiq community, and soon this site is where you’ll be able to read The Book of Briars months before its release date (by pre-ordering the book today!)

I hope to make this site a home for all of you, my incredibly brave and inspiring readers. I wouldn’t be here, right now, without you.

Let’s go find some magiq.