After taking a year off from screenwriting to write a passion project called The Book of Briars, CJ Bernstein decided to create a prequel to the novel, one that would build a readership and introduce his new take on contemporary magic to the world.

In the summer of 2016, he launched the online experience called The Monarch Papers, a year-long interactive narrative that centered around dark magic, secret societies, and the altered history of the world. Readers could directly interact with characters, work together to solve puzzles, unwind centuries-old literary mysteries, and even alter the outcome of the story.

The success of The Monarch Papers not only led to the launch of Ackerly Green Publishing, but also a new literary universe where readers become characters, and their actions become immortalized in an ever-expanding series of novels.

Ackerly Green is now not only a publishing house, but also a vibrant community of readers and creatives, working together to build and shape a wondrous narrative universe that shatters the line between fantasy and reality.