The Ackerly Green Community Fellowship

The readership of Ackerly Green Publishing is made up of all ages, nationalities, beliefs, and backgrounds.

But two things we all have in common are a sense of kindness and community. Out of that commonality (and the mind of community leader Augustus) sprang the Ackerly Green Community Fellowship, a way to make it as easy as possible to help the community and receive help in kind.

The Fellowship is meant to do two things:

  • Allow those who can’t currently afford them to receive books and small pieces of merchandise from the Book Shop, and–
  • Allow those who can help to contribute to a secure fellowship fund that makes it all possible.

Basically, if you need assistance, please ask for it, and if you can help, please do. No contribution is too small.

A guild sticker is $3 (most requests are for items under $10.) So far the Fellowship has provided pins, stickers, and most importantly, books to those who for whatever reason can’t afford them.

In addition to helping the community read and show their love of reading, as a contributor you will also receive points in the Book Shop for every dollar you contribute.

If you have questions you can email the Fellowship through the request form below.

Fellowship Request

Fellowship Contribution

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