The Secret Society – Moving Office

So, while I was gone, the company we’re renting office space from decided that they needed our current space for their own employees. The good news is we now have a slightly bigger office and a window. The bad news is basically everything else. I was freaking out that we ...
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The Secret Society – The Brooklyn Public Library

All right, I know I’m still new to a lot of this magiq stuff, so instead of trying to make sense of it myself, I’m just gonna tell you guys what happened. So yesterday morning, I got an email that my hold on Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca was finally ready ...
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The Secret Society – Saberlane’s Summer

First, it’s been a wild few months. For anyone who hasn’t been around (like me), a quick recap: After the first riddle, we caught a “Tales of Wonder” radio show broadcast on the office’s security cam (which stopped working and we haven’t been able to get up and running since.) ...
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Welcome Ackerly Green’s New Admin, Catherine!

Hi everybody! I’ve been working for Ackerly Green for about a month now, so we figured it’d probably be a good time to finally introduce myself. I’m Catherine, and I’ll be taking over as Ackerly Green’s assistant now that Devin has officially left for his next adventure! I’ll be helping ...
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The Making of The Monarch Papers – A Short Break

We’re taking a short break to take care of some pressing business but will be back for the final four fragments very soon!
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The Secret Society – On The Atlantic

Woolie came back! My family was up in the country for the week, which is where I was supposed to be, but I took the train back down. I didn’t want to be that far from the office. I’m getting a lot of side-eye from just about everybody in my ...
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