Neithernor is a tabletop roleplaying game unlike any other. Inspired by the immersive, interactive world of C.J. Bernstein’s Briarverse, Neithernor puts the pen in your hand. You craft the characters, challenges, and dark forces you’ll face, all the while learning new magic, solving old mysteries, and carving out your own corner of the magimystic universe. The Neithernor handbook includes chapters on forming your own coven, creating your own magic, choosing from eighteen new roleplaying classes based on the Briarverse’s guild-bearings, and nearly 300 new spells for your character to learn and master.

Below, you can:

  • Download the Alpha Digital Edition in the format of your choice.
  • Download the Complete Digital Edition which includes the Alpha and all updates, including the final version.
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  • Pre-order the Limited Hardcover + Complete Digital Edition (only 100 copies.)

You’ll receive the Digital Edition immediately after purchase, and physical copies will ship in the fall. The Alpha Digital Edition does not include finalized art and may include errors or errata leading up to the final handbook. If you purchase the Complete Digital Edition, you’ll receive every handbook update as we make changes based on playtests and your feedback.

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Number of players: 3-6
Age of players: 12+
Number of pages: 499
Type of Game: Roleplaying Game
Languages Available: English
Game Designers: C.J. Bernstein, Michael Alan Nelson, and the Ackerly Green community.

Neithernor is built on the Fate Core System, and Fate Condensed, products of Evil Hat Productions, LLC, developed, authored, and edited by Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, Jeremy Keller, Ryan Macklin, Mike Olson, Clark Valentine, Amanda Valentine, Fred Hicks, and Rob Donoghue, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.