CJ Bernstein

CJ Bernstein

The Ackerly Green Book Shop

Alright, so this is… weird.

I’ve spent the past 24 hours on calls and email with Instagram, support threads on a tech security forum, and I even paid a guy $20 on a freelance site to try and explain how this could happen if someone didn’t hack my account.

Sorry, backing up…

This photo:



I didn’t post this photo. I posted the first one, the quote. That’s taken in our office. But not the Oz book.


Instagram says there was no suspicious activity on the account. No weird sign-ins.


After the bio changed to “The Ackerly Green Book Shop” last week I added two-factor authentication to make sure nobody was messing around with the account. So I should’ve gotten a text on my phone. Never did. Support at Instagram said that it had similar hashtags to my previous post so I should check to see if someone else in my company had posted it (they are unaware that I and Dev are the company at the moment.) So where did it come from? Listen, if it was one of the Mounties, I don’t mind AT ALL. I just want to know because this, combined with the bio, and some other weird things that have been going on lately (will post about soon) it’s got me all kinds of sort of freaked out.