CJ Bernstein

CJ Bernstein

The AG Bukbang – Episode One

Catherine and CJ eat tons of food, drink wine, discuss the books they read in January, and asked each other rapid-fire lit-related questions.

Originally shot live on Instagram, on the last Thursday of the month.

Notable Replies

  1. Was so much fun to snack with y’all on my way into school! Certainly made my day :smile:

  2. I may have heard wrong (laundry), but did I hear “Aztec thundering bosoms” in there? :deirdrexd:

  3. “thundering bosoms” may or may not have been said, yes…

  4. I wanted to add that Name of the Wind has particularly been broken down and about 1/3 of the women are specifically in the novel to be sexual objects. Dude definitely has some hangups with women.

    I would also say that, while there are some absolutely abysmal writers, there’s plenty who buck the trend. Ursula K Le Guin was writing in the 1960s and wrote some profoundly feminist works. Even JK Rowling, who began writing Harry Potter in the '90s, includes a wide range of characters that exist to be more than eye candy for Harry. Hermoine in particular stands out as a very nuanced character who holds her own as one of the core trio, but there are all sorts of characters like McGonagall, Molly Weasley, Tonks, and Rita Skeeter who have defining moments in the books and manage to stand on their own as characters. Rowling has other issues, but I think she did pretty decently on representing women.

    I don’t necessarily think writers have to be squeaky clean. Obviously that’s nice when it happens, but there are some truly exceptional writers who were garbage people. HP Lovecraft comes to mind. Harlan Ellison was apparently also a terrible human. And for folks who love Rothfuss despite his issues, that’s a valid stance. But for me… I can’t really support him. It’s too ingrained into the text for me to enjoy.

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