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CJ Bernstein

The Secret Society: Of Two Minds

Another massive thank you to everyone who worked the hexes to ground Woolie and me. I’m feel about 3,000% better. Like I said, in the last post, Woolie is still in here, but separate. I can hear him but it’s not this chaos of noise and emotion. So thanks for the peace (of mind.)

Another thing the grounding hexes gave me was a bit of clarity. I told you I was pretty fixated on the footage from my trip to City Hall Station and all the weird lights and sounds I kept hearing in them. I was looking over them this morning, still in bed, but with clear eyes, and the thing that struck me was that the sounds I thought I heard weren’t gone completely, but they’d changed. I was convinced I had fever-dreamed what they originally sounded like, I mean, how would a sound recorded on video change over time. Well, magiq, of course.

I realized I had something to compare them to, the original video I made to show you all the station.

This video:

Watch it again, starting at the 2:20 mark. The moment it shows the green cordoned off area behind our tour guide. You hear that? That sound? That’s not in the raw video I have. It’s changed.

You know what it sounds like to me? It sounds like someone knocking.

I think there’s a door down there. I think a door to Neithernor was knocking for me. Maybe it’s a way to get Woolie back home and out of my head. I don’t know why it’s only one door, and why it’s down there, but maybe something’s been drawing me to that door, “my door”, for years. Now I just have to find a way to get back to it without being arrested or killed.

But I need your help. If there’s a door down there, a door knocking, asking for me to knock back, well I need a knock to knock back with. It might be one of the few knocks we already know, but I have a feeling it might not be, and I want to be armed with options if I manage to get back down there. So Secret Society, once more into the fray?

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  1. Fun fundamental magiq question. Have we ever magiqed a mechanical thing like i train? We have only ever affected people or entities like the Storm right?

    If we wanted to stop the train with magiq we know magiq and tech interact weirdly. I guess Flinterforges could handle it though.

    Probably a side track to the matter at hand though. Fun mini thought anyway.

  2. I’ve wanted to say this for a long time…

    I’ve been to Neithernor.

    I ran down the track, and they saw me and ran after me. There was an announcement on the loudspeaker that trains had been delayed. I broke into the cordoned off area before they could get to me and the door was there. One door out of the four or five down there was knocking, waiting for me to knock back. I tried the few knocks we thought of, but the correct knock was Gossmere, Weatherwatch, Ebenguard, Thornmouth, Flinterforge, Balimora.

    I’ll have to try and adequately describe what I saw later, but I was in an old stone tower overlooking Neithernor. It was bare except a table and chair near a long window. There was one door, the one I’d come through, but I couldn’t open by normal means. It was raining, at least where the tower was, and I could see different weather patterns drifting across the land below.

    I want to tell you everything I saw, but I know many of you have been there, and honestly, I can’t put it all into words right now. But the smell. The smell there was like… nostalgia on the air. Like I’d always known this place. I can’t explain it, but I was finally there, and I wasn’t alone.

    A woman, translucent, with braided hair and boots and a long coat, appeared. I knew she was Molly. She smiled and came to me and took my hand. I could feel her fingertips on mine, like the tickle of a spiderweb, only for a moment though, because she pulled away, and I saw Woolie’s hand in hers, his body emerging from mine.

    The pain I’d been dealing with for weeks ended immediately.

    They hugged and then Molly held out her hand, to me I thought, but then I felt a rush of electricity as another translucent entity passed through me. A girl. No older than my daughter, maybe ten. She ran to Woolie, and he fell to his knees and held her.

    I looked away. It didn’t feel right to watch, so I watched the rain instead. It looked like aquamarine falling from the sky. Woolie and I had been through so much, and though it hurt to have him in my head, it also kind of hurt to let him go.

    I felt a tingle on my chest. It was Woolie. He had one hand on my heart and one on his own. He nodded. I nodded. We didn’t need to say anything. And then, in a blink, they were gone, and I was alone.

    I sat on the edge of the desk and watched Neithernor for hours.

    I know I have a life here, a family, friends, a business, all of you… but it felt like an ending of sorts there in the tower, and so I stayed and embraced whatever was ending. Honored it, and let it go.

    But I did take something with me. Something that felt familiar, or at least like it was left there for someone to find.

  3. So glad you finally made it in, Sabes! And glad we could reunite Woolie with his family. :heart:

    (Also, I’m now definitely going to imagine whenever the Metro is delayed on my way to work and they won’t say why that someone is running down the tunnel to find a door to a secret, magiqal pocket world.)

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