The Monarch Papers: Flora & Fauna (Volume One)


Flora & Fauna is the first in a thrilling two-volume fantasy adventure based on the groundbreaking interactive experience. Thousands of people from around the world joined forces to solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and interact with characters,  try and unravel a secret that some would die to discover and others would kill to keep.

A secret, hidden for centuries, within the pages of a book. Now you can experience The Monarch Papers yourself.

Available with an in-world cover available only from Ackerly Green. Choose paperback or digital ebook (which will work seamlessly with your reader of choice, including Kindle.)

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Dark magic, secret societies, and the altered history of the world.

DEIRDRE GREEN was six when her father sent her into hiding. Now twenty-four, she’s just inherited his estate and her family’s business, Ackerly Green Publishing. Unaware of its strange and secret history, she sets out to resurrect the company, only to discover that she is at the center of a centuries-old literary conspiracy.

MARTIN RANK is a journalist who’s haunted by his past and a book that no one else seems to remember. When news of Ackerly Green’s heir emerges, he is reluctantly drawn back into the world of the Mountaineers, a group dedicated to finding a fabled series of missing books they call the Lost Collection.

Soon, Deirdre, Martin, and the Mountaineers all find themselves walking the same treacherous path, a path that might lead them to the impossible truth about the Lost Collection, but may cost them everything before they reach the end.

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