Book 4 in the Briar Archive

Fading magic, vulnerable allies, and the irrevocable end of an age.

The Search for Magiq follows the narrative events of Ackerly Green’s Secret Society and chronicles the Mountaineers’ final days within the Book of Kings.

It’s been over a year since they’ve heard from any of their friends from The Monarch Papers—Martin Rank, Deirdre Green, even the old Basecamp leaders, like Ascender, Endri, and Eaves. Despite the fact that new recruits are pouring into the forum every day, it seems like the Mountaineers are the last bastion of magimystic knowledge in this world.


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That is, until, a new recruit with connections to the Low finds a mysterious social media campaign called “Search for Magiq.” With time running out, and the magimystic walls hiding them from the world steadily closing in, the Mountaineers take their chances and join the cause. 

Their search leads them to the Sanctuary, a secret group of adepts and allies that include old faces and new, working together to protect those affected by magic from a threat once thought vanquished. The Silver are back and desperate to possess all that remains of magic.