CJ Bernstein

CJ Bernstein

Announcement: The Book of Briars Release

I know. It’s really happening. It’s really, finally happening!

To honor all you did to unlock The Book of Briars, and to give me a little more time to continue to recuperate from surgery, we’re going to release The Book of Briars in the same way it was unlocked.

With a mystery. A mystery which is also a thank you, a love letter, and a final victory lap that will put a button on the events that started way back in The Monarch Papers.

Over the next three months, you’re going to work together to finally open The Book of Briars, part by part. And with the release of the full book and its five parts, The Briar Society, our new ongoing interactive experience, will begin.

And once The Book of Briars is released, EVERYTHING will change.

So, how this will work:

  • Events will transpire on the Ackerly Green forum. Events leading you to open the five parts of The Book of Briars.
  • If you previously pre-ordered The Book of Briars, you will receive each part as it’s opened via an email link.
  • If you haven’t pre-ordered, you can still participate in the opening here on the forum.
  • If you would like to pre-order The Book of Briars and receive the parts as they’re opened, the new pre-order link is here!
  • Any previous pre-orders for limited editions or hardcovers will be fulfilled in April, when the entire book is opened.
  • Though each opened part will be virtually identical to its officially published counterpart, there may be an error or grammatical issue here and there as the book goes through its final proofing and we rush to get it to you. If you find something, there will be a topic on the forum where you can let me know, similar to the advance reader copy topics for The Monarch Papers.

I can’t wait to share the next chapter of the Magiqverse with you all, and finally share everything that comes after The Book of Briars.

I appreciate your patience, support, and dedication to this world these past years.

To pre-order The Book of Briars, click here!